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TotalFreedom AllOP

TotalFreedom AllOP


TotalFreedom is a Minecraft server that focuses mainly on the freedom of it's playerbase. All players receive OP and are free to use our many plugins such as WorldEdit and Essentials. As this is a freedom based server, we allow the use of hacked clients (with some exceptions). If you enjoy building, TotalFreedom is a great place for you! We have multiple worlds fully optimized for building. You will have access to building plugins such as WorldEdit. If you're really ambitious, we have a group of 'Master Builders', which includes some of our best builders. Master Builders get in-game and forum perks such as their own private world and a rank.

If you enjoy playing with others, TotalFreedom has you covered. Weather you enjoy an old fashioned game of spleef or a PvP deathmatch, there are players that would be happy to join you. Being an OP on TotalFreedom does not grant you the ability to ban or kick other players. Only admins have that ability. If you wish to become an admin, you can apply on our forums, however, you must meet all of the requirements beforehand (no exceptions) meaning a new player won't become an admin until they have been around for at least a month.

As an OP, there are very few rules. For the most part, using common sense will get you through. Still though, it's worth checking out our conduct policy on our forums. We allow things many servers do not. Swearing is allowed on TotalFreedom. A brief summary of our rules is below:

-Griefing and trolling is not allowed.
-Impersonating another player is not allowed.
-Hacks are allowed as long as they do not harm the server (i.e no nuker or server crasher).
-Swearing is allowed; racism is not.

To read more rules and find out more information about TotalFreedom, visit
Please visit our forums to view the full conduct policy (Info on becoming an admin is also here)

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