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AmaronMC Survival Server

AmaronMC Survival Server


AmaronMC is a family friendly, mature, survival server that is adult owned and operated with mature staff members. Our server includes 6 worlds to explore, plus our starting University for new players. Our worlds include: survival/building, resource collection, the nether,the end, mini-games, and a donor only dungeon adventure world.

We offer an economy, jobs, mcMMO, grief prevention, spam/chat filters, player kits, vote rewards, donor ranks, player teleport pads, playervaults, XP storage, PvE, PvP, mini-games, strict no theft/grief/harassment rules, and much more!

Our goal is to provide a welcoming semi-vanilla minecraft server for friends and families who want to get together and enjoy a little bit of fun, adventure and creativity with one another on a regular basis. Check us out at

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