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This is SAS, Stand Alone Survivors which is a dedicated 24/7 survival server. We are currently opening up places on our 24 slot server for survivors to join! We have a dedicated team of admins ready to ensure your experience in Minecraft is at it's best!

We now have a team speak 3 server! 20 slots!


  • Automatic backups every 24 hours to prevent world corruption and
  • Anti grief plugin. This allows admins to find out who griefed certain areas of the map allowing them to ban the culprit and undo the grief. Never be afraid of losing your things.
  • Forums. We have a dedicated forums for our player base, this allows you to keep in touch with friends, get the latest info on events and deal with faction diplomacy.
  • Support. We have a website dedicated to support for our player base. simply open up a ticket describing your issue and we will assign an agent to your cause.
  • Events. Weekly events such as PvP arenas, various competitions and seasonal events such as egg hunts and christmas give aways.
  • In game shop. you can purchase in game items with in game or real life money. This allows the players who don't get as much time to play on the server a little bit of extra help, while those who don't want to spend money can earn in game cash from killing mobs or completing events.

The server is finished but will always be open to constructive feedback and suggestions from players. We hope you have a great time on our server and we also hope that you give us your honest and fair opinion!

Money can be spent on some in game items or currency which will all go towards the server Smile
Server Details:
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Feel free to ask questions on the forums.
Thank You.

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