This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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BloodMoon * PvP|McMMO|Towny|Faction|Spleef *


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This server has nothing to do with ''fancy'' buildings, and have fun as much as we can! Join up with friends and build a town and nation together!
The server is fully secured by anti xray, mcbans and logblock
The staff is over 18 we're all adults and we hope you'll enjoy your time here!

BloodMoon [Main plugin]
This plugin will add a blood moon event to your server, each night has a configurable chance of a blood moon. During a blood mood the game is made a lot harder

McMMO's main function is to incorporate an RPG-like skill system that players will have access to right from the beginning. Depending on how much a certain tool is used or a certain action is performed, players will gain experience that will eventually add bonuses such as double drops, rare drops, or ability enhancement

A versatile, player-controlled land management plugin for use with Bukkit/Tekkit/Spigot/Libigot, offering solutions for pvp, griefing, chat, inflated economies and monsters

This plugin will allow the players on the server to create factions/guilds. The factions can claim territory that will be protected from non-members. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others. Land may be taken from other factions through war

VoxelSniper is the premier long range map editing tool for Minecraft SMP. This plugin allows you to edit any block that you can see using an arrow (for replacing) and a gunpowder (for adding). It is best used by those with a strong attention to detail and fits a wide array of applications, from making detailed edits to structures with the snipe brush, to making massive terraforming jobs a breeze with some of the earth shattering soft selection tools

A simple, yet very powerful system for making physical shops using signs and chests

Essentials offers over 100 commands and features useful on just about every server, from kits to mob spawning

Spleef is a gamemode in minecraft where the objective of the game is to make all other players fall by knocking the blocks out from under them. The aim of this plugin is to help server owners manage this easier by creating a full automated solution to handle the task for them. Super Spleef is fully automated and can run without any admin interaction. This plugin goes beyond that by adding interesting statistics such as who knocked out who and who knocked out the most people.


General Rules
You must respect your fellow players building structures in front of someones sea view is not very nice.

The use of X-ray or mineral detection through the use of Texture packs or 3rd party addons is strictly forbidden

You must respect the decisions of the staff, if you have a problem with staff member follow the procedure highlighted below

You must acknowledge the fact that any staff member has the right to kick or ban for breaking any of these rules

No Chest Theft - Dont steal other peoples things, there are mods in-place to prevent this.

PvP Rules
Please, do not attack other players againts their will

Do not steal items from a dead player

There is to be NO griefing, this includes destroying buildings and structures, trampling crops intentionally, causing damage to the world, performing actions deemed prohibited by the staff

So please be nice, griefers will be banned!

No swastika or any offensive structures, you'll be banned immediately'

Do not build any floating buildings w/o permission.

Don’t Leave Trees Half Cut Down – bit the same as landscape griefing. Don’t leave ugly floating trees behind!

Chat Rules
Languages – Please talk English only in chat. For other languages, use the /msg feature.

Advertising – You will be banned forever.

Kepp the chat clean from all caps and floods.

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