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World of Oblivion


World of Oblivion

What type of server are we

We're a friendly server based on the game called Oblivion.
we are a survival server but with role-play elements like quests, economy, shops and more so if you're into survival you should like our server if you're into role-play you should like our server too.

We have a team of dedicated admins who are active every day so no need to worry about getting griefed but if you do get griefed while there is no admins online you can post a complaint at our website.
We don't have many rules on our server just no destroying everyone's hard earned work like houses, etc but killing other people is allowed and stealing is allowed so make sure to hide your chests somewhere safe.
When you first spawn you will spawn in the middle of the Imperial city and where you spawn you have many options you can either go over to the signs and use a warp if you want to go build and survival or you can go click on a npc to start a quest, you also get rewarded for completing quests.

Once you build yourself a nice house and you gather enough money you can request to have your own npc house or body guard to protect you or your house with so that no one can steal your stuff.
We're currently not looking for any more staff we're just looking for regular players who want to have fun.
We started about 4 weeks ago and we only had 30 slots and 1.2 gb of ram, peoples started to complain about the lag and the lack of slots I then upgraded to a better server of 8.2gb of ram and 160 slots so no need to worry about lag except for when we're world editing.

We recently got a magic skill plugin and every rank has a different set of skills for example a Warrior can leap and repair their own armour but a Mage can use lighting and walk on water.
We have lots of rank and more to come also if you're into the thief's guild kinda stuff you can become a thief if you stay active, as a thief you can picklock a locked chest and use invisibility spell but watch out because there is only a %20 success rate and once you attempt to lockpick a chest you lose a bit of health and the owner of the locked chest gets alerted that someone is breaking into his chest.
We also have a battle arena if you get really bored also killing mobs gives you a little bit of cash to help you out.
If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask, so why wait come along and join the fun!


  • No hacking
  • No asking for staff positions
  • No destroying other peoples stuff (but killing and stealing is allowed)
  • No server advertizing
  • No swearing
  • no trolling
  • Be nice and respect other people


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