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Avalon: A Storm of Swords(A game of thrones inspired, roleplay kingdoms server)



Tradition has told the many men of Avalon that all men must die. All lords are bound by honor and all things come to an end at some point. In the many thousands of years that have defined Avalon to what she is now, this has always held truth. "Valar Morghulis" Is a common acceptance in this struggle for power and wealth. The world bound to lords and lords bound to a King, However with that king dead much is uneasy in this balance. So frail we as a people are living day to day from summer to winter and from winter to summer. Where will this take you is the question the 7 gods ask of you now. Will you pray to the Father, The Mother, The Smith, The Maid, The Crone, The Warrior, or the stranger? Or are you still stuck with the old gods... Time will tell who answers you back.While waiting for that response; 7 Great houses rule the lands of Avalon and one throne to whom all lords currently wish to sit on. The 7 lords may quickly be at each others throats, with blood raining from the sky only time will tell. The rise of kings and fall of many others has come and gone, and now the time of one to become the king is upon us. There are still some set in their old fashion ways and rumors of the free peoples beyond the reach of the 7 still echo about. But this tale is not about them. This is about you and your place in the world of Avalon. Shall I refresh your memory as to what you know?Firstly the death of king has brought about a mild decree of chaos The 7 great houses and their many lords laugh in their chambers as they watch the frail balance descend into a chaos only resembled by hideous madness. War blows on the wind as these great houses begin to move their pawns in this game of chess as one another knows at some point when the balance breaks one of these 7 houses will sit upon the mighty throne and demand loyalty from all others.

Important Server Aspects:

There is no wilderness building
There is no wilderness Mining
There are no MOBS
Train mcmmo on players and in training
Mine in predetermined, Renawable mines that lordships fight over to control.
Farm in kingdom lands
You may not cut custom trees
You may build your own home
You may create your own kingdom farms. (NO SQUARES)
Sorry this is roleplay not just survival vanilla mc -

Server Rules:
No hacking/Hackusations
No Clients or mods
No Xray packs
No Dupes/glitches/exploits (Must report any found)
No Hatespeech
No Harassing
No hazing
No Bullying
No Advertising
No spamming or all caps usage.
You must have a roleplay skin
Death in game is the equivalent of being severely wounded
Your character only truly dies if assassinated, poisoned or you decide to kill them off. If you cannot pay the war reparations fee you must take a loan from the Iron bank at a 35% interest rate applied every 5IRL days.

Chat Rules:
You may use global for saying hello.
You may use global for welcoming players.
You may use global for asking staff questions.
You may use global for Server Wide Announcements.
You may use global for Server Rp Event Announcements.
You may use global for asking Server Questions.
You may NOT use it for general discussion.
You may NOT use it for talking to one player, Message them.
You may NOT use it for Arguing or debating.
You may NOT use it to sell or trade items.
You May NOT use it for anything town related.

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