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YouMineWeCraft Purge


?Welcome to YouMineWeCraft's Purge Server?

Welcome to our 4th server, based on the films Purge and Purge Anarchy. Like all our other servers, we have a tight community of staff available to help you out on the server and a large player base which makes for a fun experience. Sounds good huh?

Visit our website for more information:
The Way The Purge Works:

There are 3 purges each week, the dates and times are shown below:

Day: Time: Length: (Min) Time In Your Time Zone:
Friday 11:00 PM (GMT) 30 Click Here
Saturday 5:00 PM (GMT) 30 Click Here
Sunday 10:00 AM (GMT) 30 Click Here

During the Purge times the server's rules get completely reverses, during NON Purge you must help and be friendly and play exactly the same as you would on a normal survival server, but during Purge times you must kill and steal!

Rules During NON Purge: Rules During Purge:
1) Don't Kill 1) Kill
2) Don't Steal 2) Steal
3) Don't Grief 3) Grief
4) Don't Swear/Curse 4) Swear/Curse
5) Don't Use Hacks 5) Don't use hacks
6) Be Friendly 6) Be Aggressive
7) Help Others 7) Team With Others To Take Down Bases
8) Trade With Others 8) Protect Your Base
9) Build Defences 9) Use Your Defences To Kill Attackers

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