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Fellow player, please take the time to consider the following... (As that Bill Nye the Science Guy says... Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye the Science Guyyyy)...Before making your considerable opinion about us!.......Impending Doomsday music comes on......

What is this server all about?
Well, fellow player, DiplomacyCraft, not only about being respectful to each other while helping each other out, but also about working with each other, in order to gain terrific political relations with each other. This server is also a towny server.

Well... What can I do here?
On DiplomacyCraft, numerous activities, are yet to be explored, and also discovered as well! For instance, one can always go around, exploring caves, dungeons, pvp arenas, and much much more! We also host tournaments for pvp, building, and much, much, more! There is also additionally, prizes for winning! ;)

Hmph... I am still not convinced... Why should I join?
Well, I would say, from a quite honest opinion, that DiplomacyCraft, is most definitely worth at least a try. I mean, have you ever heard of the saying, Don't/Never judge a book, by a/it's' cover? Well, why not give DiplomacyCraft a try? I mean, it couldn't hurt, could it? o.O? I guarantee you, that you will not only be "wow'ed", but also amazed as well, at the plentiful, of joyful, and invigorating activities, that will surprise you on DiplomacyCraft!

Well... I might give this a try, but it seems boring, and I am still on the borderline of joining for the first time... Why?
Although that I can not convey my past experiences on this wonderful server to you, I will tell you, that it is an outstanding server that will help you to not only build your character as an individual, but also your maturity, smartness, education (And Yes, I did say Education.! Feel free to ask shielded_python, for homework help), and also your leadership skills as well! Why not join for a quick minute, just to check things out?

Thus, please take the time to check us out!

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