This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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KoreKraft - Factions PVP


Welcome to KoreKraft, the latest rising Factions/PVP server! We strive to provide the best experience to our players by having an active staff, taking community suggestions, and by overall appreciating them. Our staff will treat everyone with respect, and resolve problems as fairly as possible to all parties involved. Occasionally we will do drop parties and other things to appreciate the the players involved in our community. Donators can gain advantages, but they are not exempt from server rules.

Donators can get awesome items, but normal players are not left out and can acquire some of the same items with a little bit of work. In our server emeralds are the most valuable ore. You can use them to trade with Shopkeepers for things like Protection IV armor and Sharpness V swords!

Awesome donation ranks!
3 unique pvp arenas!
Custom Plugins!
Over-whelming spawn!

Factions-Team up with friends and take down the arch enemies!
Shopkeepers - Trade emeralds and other gems for valuable enchanted items!
Obsidian Destroyer - Break into the base of a lifetime, and steal the loot of the century!
World Border - Keeps everybody close and the raiding fresh!
Silk Spawners- Mine up mob spawners, to make the ultimate XP grinding machine!
mcMMO - Gain a crucial advantage in pvp battles!

Be respectful
Don’t abuse glitches or perms
Keep swearing to a minimum
No spamming/advertising
Do not ask staff for op, admin, perms,ext.
No PvP logging
Griefing/Raiding/Obliterating other factions’ bases are allowed

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