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Welcome to our page! Our server is a survival economy server! Play to get money and use that to buy the next rank in line! Makes for a unique Minecraft experience! Money can also be used to create towns, nations, shops, and all sorts of other cool things! Money can be made by getting jobs or selling items at your very own store! McMMo Is accessible for those who enjoy an enhanced experience in the Minecraft game! To Top it all off, the whole world is amplified to create a more interesting environment to build in and thrive!


  1. Be nice to everyone!
  2. No cheats, hacks, or x-ray allowed!
  3. Admin and Moderators have final say!
  4. Keep swearing to a minimum, younger players are on the server also!
  5. Enjoy your time!


Owner: SluffTurtle
Admin: Rhetake
Admin: EpochDuck
Mod: ZeeMaster
Mod: EpochSharpShop

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