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Ulta-Craft MC: The Ultimate Minecraft Server.


Welcome to Ulta-Craft MC
Since 2012, Ulta-Craft has been here providing a nice small community here for you to have the best experience we can provide for you.

Ulta-Craft MC is Minecraft multiplayer server founded in 2012 to be the awesomest Minecraft server you've ever played on. We offer Survival, PvP, Parkour, and PvE to play on our server. We guaruntee you'll have no-lag gameplay on our server with 2 GB of dedicated RAM all here for your gaming pleasure. Our professional staff is always here to help you out with your problems on the server and if you need any help we're here to do just that! Our amazing combination of plugins only enhances your gaming experience on the server. Plugins that help us have an eleaborate rank and permissions system, things to protect your stuff, and more. So, Welcome everyone to the new site of the Ulta-Craft Minecraft Server! Here I have made it easier than ever to find out how to do things and where to do them! Here you can find it easier than ever to post on the forums, donate, vote, and manage your personal account. I will also be trying to keep more order this time around. I realize that last time I did a poor job of keeping order and easy-ness around here, so I will have to try harder! Anyway, we're now going to be accepting votes on the sites like MCSL, PMC, and more. Also, our donations are now permanently raised to $8 for Donator+, and $4 for Donator, except for when we hold discount deals for you all! We also are now having VIP ranks given out for completing Parkour! If you have any questions you can contact us on the Contact Us tab. You can also find some help on the forums.So thank you for visiting our page, and we hope you decide to drop in and check out our server!

No harassment of other players or staff.
No advertising other servers.
No self promotion with-out authorization.
No hate speech (e.g. Nazism, Racism, Sexism)
No Griefing
No Spamming the chat.
No stealing others' things.
Do NOT build in cities without mayors' permission.
Don't constantly recommend plugins.
No consistent asking for OP/Administrator.

Use common sense, it isn't so common anymore.
These rules are always subject to change.============================================Griefing: Destroying or stealing other players' things, building, or land.This excludes drops in PvP.Do not ask at all if you're less than a month old on the server.


Head Admin

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