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Are you looking for an ever-growing server?
A server which listens to feedback, and improves?

Then this server is for you. We will keep on improving, keep on expanding. We're not just a simple "Oups, that was one month of payment, screw it", we respect the time it takes to fully establish a well functionating server, and community.


Why did you start this server?

Well, we're 3 guys, who used to have a server, but then parted ways. We're now glad to be able to host yet another unforgetable server, for you to enjoy.

Can I become staff?

Yes! There's helper and builder spots open at the moment.

What features do you currently have?

Factions - The essential pluggin for having fun, both with friends, and versus other players.

McMMO - Creates a twist with Minecraft usual mechanics, and will grant you a better experience, with new level-up systems, and skills.

Essentials - The plugin which is just essential for any server. It helps administrating rankings as well as kits, and much, much more.

What about upcoming features?

We have been discussing many things, one we particularily liked, was MobArena. A fun plugin, for solo, or with friends or other players! We will stay open for input, and consider your suggestions with great care.

Do you have a cool website?

Why, yes. Ofcourse we do. It's not cool right now though. With your help, it'll become unique. It's just another Enjin site right now, but it's got the potential (with the help of Enjin Premium which is being bought each month) to become better.

Get it over with, what's the IP?

Alrighty then. You don't want to read more? That's just perfectly timed, cause there's no more to read.

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