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Looking for a interesting, nostalgic, bare-bones Faction server? You've come to the right place!
Since our creation, we've stuck to the same, competitive gameplay. None of that saturated, OP-Factions garbage.
No coddling. No unfair play. Just pure, raw, competitive pvp.

This server runs on a custom faction plugin instead of power it's based on DTR points, DTR means Death till Raidable.
Each player will start off with 0.51 DTR points if you are a lonewolf you will start off with 1.01 this is so you can't be raided after one death, after you get negative DTR you are raidable. Each faction has up to two allies maximum other factions will be automatically enemied. This is to encourage war and PvP

Classes: Another main feature of MineAid


When equiping full leather the play will get Speed III, and resistance I along with 2.0x damage with a bow, this is so leather won't be useless and will give the new players an advantage over the others.


When equiping full iron the player will get Might Vision II and Haste I this class is mainly used for mining cause Iron ore is commonly found out through Minecraft so if you're mining i'd suggest Iron


When equipping full Gold the player will get Speed II and resistance II this is known as the PvP class mainly used for PvP if the player were to left click a sugar he and his faction members will receive Speed III for ten seconds, if he were to left click a ghast teat he and his faction members will get regenration I for ten seconds

Breaking these may result in a ban

  • Do not use mods or hacks

  • Do not spam the server

  • Do not abuse glitches

  • Do not advertise other servers

  • Do not grief the Free Wilderness

  • Do not sell items/BP for actual money

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