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Mountains of the Dusk [Creative] [PlotMe] [FreeBui


Welcome to Mountains of the Dusk! A new Creative server!

IP -

Website -

We are a new server bringing the main aspects of Creative into one place, but also allowing the ability for you to venture into the Survival world and set up factions etc. As well as part-take in the SurvivalGames (in progress). We have an already existing community on our FTB server, but they have kept separate as they prefer the useless modpacks.

Get yourself instant member status!
To get member status, reply to this thread with what you like about our server, and eventually, this system will become automated by joining the website, but until then, reply here and inform an admin. Don't forget to include your username though!

Stuff to do!

Build in one of our 4 building worlds!
Enter our Survival and PvP worlds and create a competitive faction!
Join the Survival Games (When finished)

By building better items you can rank up and at certain ranks you can then access better worlds with bigger plots!

Creative Worlds!

You can build in the following worlds using PlotMe!

Starter World - 32 x 32 Blocks,
Intermediate World - 64 x 64 Blocks
Advanced World - 128 x 128 Blocks
Expert World - 192 x 192 Blocks

To rank up, finish your build and mark it done using /plot done, then inform a Moderator - Admin for judging, and if suitable, you will receive a promotion

Rank Boost!

If you don't want to go up the ranking system, the only bypass is to donate to the server, but not only that, you get loads of new benefits with your Premium status too, viewable at

Eco-Boost - $4.99
1 Month Premium - $9.99
Lifetime Premium - $24.99
Lifetime Millionaire - $49.98

To Donate, use /buy ingame or visit the site shop, (both in-game and the site use enjin and donation-craft so sync together)

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