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What Our Server is Like
When you first join the server you should look for a a faction to join.
A Faction is a group of players who have grouped together in order to survive against all the other factions.
If you just ask to join an open faction, someone will want you!
Otherwise, you can take the risk.
Grab a few of your buddies and you can create your own faction and start of fresh.
Go ahead and then claim some land that only you and your faction members can edit.
The larger your faction, the more land you can claim!
There's no limit to how massive your empire can grow.
Once you settle in your new faction and you have a base going for you.
You might want to start thinking about getting some blood on your hands.
Plan a raid against another faction.
Group together all your members, armor up, grab the diamond sword, and meet at the drawing board.
Plan your strategy for the attack, and follow through.
Show up at the enemy factions door and kill them all.
You now dominated them, so badly you can actually take over their base.
But hey, maybe you don't want their base?
That's fine, shred their base of all it's valuables and get back home.
You've now successfully raided another faction.
Debrief the raid and get the blood of your hands.
Use all the diamonds you stripped from the base to your advantage.
Recruit some more members.
Repeat this a few times, and next thing you know, you are the strongest faction around.
Other factions will start bending down on their knees, begging for an alliance.
Start making peace treaties for a profit.
Remember your enemies and watch your ass.
You've now become a successful faction of HecticFactions.
But then again, it didn't happen yet.
And that's because you didn't join yet.
And then I ask the question...
Why didn't you join yet? About Us
Here at HecticFactions we don't work the same as other servers.
We believe in a player driven community that does things the way they should be.
We believe in player freedom, and fairness.
Why should you spend 30 minutes filling out a long white-list application and then wait a week just for an admin to respond saying denied?
YOU SHOULDN'T. That's why our Faction Wars server is fully public for anyone who would like to join at anytime!
Why should you have to donate money just to get basic features that should be standard with any server?
Why should you be limited to how much you can build and where?
You shouldn't. That's why building wherever and whenever you want comes standard in HecticFactions.
Wrongly accused, or wrongly banned?
We don't ignore you. Submit a ban appeal and our experienced staff will handle every situation as fairly as possible.
Are admins spawning stuff or cheating?
Absolutely not. Our staff does not cheat in any way in order to provide that great fair play we strive for.
Is the staff inexperienced?
Nope. Most of our staff members have been dealing with moderating a server for nearly 2 years now. They do their best in order to make an unbiased decision they sought most fair for both sides of the issue.
Backpacks: Backpacks that default users can access with nine inventory slots
Fastcraft: This plugin makes crafting much faster and simpler by showing players what items they can craft and letting them craft items simply by clicking an item
Auctions: Auction your items for other players to buy
ObsidianDestroyer: Plugin that allows you to destroy obsidian for raiding (5 TNT hits)
Bar: Chance to double your money options from 1k-150k (45% Chance)

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