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Welcome to MajestyCraft!

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Hello everyone, I am x_Horus_xX, and welcome to the wonderful world of MajestyCraft. On all of our servers, you will find yourself lost in the enjoyment of playing Minecraft with many other players from around the world! We currently have a Survival/Economy server. In the near future, we’re planning on creating more servers such as Factions, Kit PvP, SkyBlock, RolePlay, Zombie Infection, HungerGames, Prison, Temple Run, and more! We are currently in the process of creating a one-of-a-kind Prison server!
Check out our Survival/Economy server, where you can build to your wildest dreams. With local shops, magnificent creations, and friendly players all around you, you'll never be alone! Become rich and make yourself know as the player who rules the server. We have a JobCenter, where players can go to and work so they can earn money to become one of the richest players on the server. There is a Market with many available items to be bought for personal use. We also have an 12-story Apartment building, where anyone can rent out a room or suite, so they can live with the wealthy! With Donator packs, like Majesty's, you can even get a head start to your ticket to the top from the amazing perks and benefits that they have to offer! If you’re new to Survival/Economy based servers, have no fear, because we have a tutorials that can help you with all of you needs!
We know you're looking for a server to satisfy your needs so look no further, MajestyCraft will let you experience PvP, building, selling, and buying your way to becoming the best. And don't even worry if you're not experienced. MajestyCraft only promotes the best-fit staff for the job, so they will help you through every step.
At MajestyCraft we believe in Moderators and Assistants who not only know how manage the server, but also care for the players and lend them assistance whenever they call. We are always looking for new staff, but you must prove yourself worthy before being accepted.
All of this is on!

What are you waiting for? We want you to join in on the fun, so hop on right now at! Don't forget to check out our forums, they're active EVERY DAY with friendly players and staff at,

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