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ReivedMC† ¥Elves¥ DragonBorn¥ Werewolves¥ RPG¥ IP:


Welcome to RevivedFactions, here are a
few things you should know.

We are a server started in August 2015
RevivedFactions is a server owned by and run by thefirstboss and swimdude1208. We are a faction PvP server with many, many custom
plugins to make the game more enjoyable and Unique for you all.

Here is a little bit about some of our plugins!

Races is our most Unique plugin on RevivedFactions, upon first
joining the server, you will be prompted with a GUI Chest Inventory
with 3 things in it, these are the 3 races you can chose from.

The 3 races are:
When you first joined, if you didn chose a race, its not a problem.
Relog and it will prompt you again. NOTE: Once you have chosen your race,
you cannot change it unless the server resets or unless you purchase a new race on our buycraft.

Each Race has an active ability, and a passive abilities. Active abilities
can we summoned by holding SNEAK down for 3 seconds, but watch out, they have a
cooldown of 3 minutes. Passive abilities always happen, but in some races they only happen
during certain times. Example: Werewolf gets Strength 1 at night.

Dragonborns Active is breathing fire in a line infront of you.
Dragonborns Passive is having fire resistance.

Elfs Active is summoning 3 volleys of flaming arrows in a circle.
Elfs Passive is having Speed 1 on Grass.

Werewolfs Active is doing damaging and causing blindness, nausea, and weakness in an area around you.
Werewolfs Passive is having Strength 1 at night.

Next plugin: Staffs
Staffs is another very unique plugin that allows the use of Magic Staffs.
These staffs can be purchased using Revived Tokens, which you can get from voting or donating.

Next plugin: Custom Potions
Custom Potions allows you to get potions at the tokenshop, that do more than one thing!
Do /tokenshop for more info!
Plugins installed on server: All factions plugins and custom ones

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