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We are on 1.7 with a 1.7 map.
| Large Survival World | Creative World | Whitelisted | Towny |
| Mcmmo Enhanced | Free Build Survival | Tightknit Community |

Macrocosm was launched 12-4-13

Macrocosm is about building, leveling, exploring and playing with a close knit community of players. If you want to concentrate on a solo build, build a massive town with other players, make a lot of money or build a market, Macrocosm is about playing the way you want with a variety of choices and gameplay styles.

While much of our gameplay is vanilla-ish, we have added a few fun plugins to add more flavor. Mcmmo adds a leveling system where you can level up powerful skills and abilities. Towny allows players to build towns and work together on shared builds.

Our server is about respecting each other and having fun in a friendly, mature environment. We utilize a whitelist to help achieve this. Our staff are friendly and professional and respect the hard work you put in. Coreprotect logs everything so we can restore any grief in seconds. We do not allow cheats, exploits or disruptive players.

Other Features
Dynmap - over view maps of all worlds that shows player positions and helps you plan you builds or find each other.
Mumble - talk in real time with our free mumble chat server.
Events - we are always planning new server events and contest
Player Economy - you can build shops and sell your goods to other players.
Mob Hunting - you kill mobs and can earn money
Portable Horses - store your horse in your inventory for easy transport
Creative World - build in survival or creative world
Unique Achievement System - server achievements to earn special ranks, titles and prefixes.
Purchasable Ranks and Town features
Unique Server Dungeons, Custom Elite Mobs and Custom Bosses
and much more.

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