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CrazayCraft Creative

Welcome to our post, CrazayCraft is a Creative server offering at first a Testing Plots World, these Plots are 100 x 100 in size, here you build something good, detailed, and promotion worthy, if we decide your build is worth a promotion you'll get promoted but, to move on to our Flatlands world, you need to do a second build to prove to us you're worthy of the Flatlands :3

The people here are nice, kind people, we don't allow the use of swearing or caps, you'll be kicked 2 times, and then temp banned. The Server Owner is me, Crazay, I run the server from my home on a dedicated server, with 8 GB RAM, using a intel i7 Quad-Core CPU @ 3.7 Ghz. flaafy222 (a.k.a Sophia)
helps me keep the server running smoothly, without her, I would of probably shut down ages ago, I've been running this server for over 2 years. We don't have many staff yet, so if you play your cards right, you might be in for a chance .

We have the following ranks:

-Co Owner
-Server Owner

You first start with the rank Recruit, you must read the boards at spawn to find answers to our short Quiz (this is too minimize griefing even more) then you can promote yourself using the Promote sign by the Portal then you'll be a Builder. To access the Flatlands world, you'll need to achieve the MasterBuilder, rank by building two awesome builds . World Edit is only unlocked at the rank Admin, for now.

You can apply for Mod, at our Website: We check all requests within 48 hours of you submitting one.

Thanks for reading my post :3, if you didn't, well I'd advise you do, otherwise you're gonna have a bad time .

Our IP is:

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