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Hello minecrafters!

The server, multikraft, is not a normal server. You can play grief-free survival in a world containing 200 biomes. I am talking about volcanos, waterfalls and huge mountains.

What makes this server different?

The main survival world:

  • A 204 biomes world. In this world griefing and pvping is NOT allowed. You will be able to build your empire everywhere.

  • We got a specialised group of members. We call them " The caretakers ". They will be online to support you with questions and they will always help! But the most important part; they show you an awesome place to live!

  • With our modificated faction plugin, you will be able to build your empire! Invite people and let them live in your cities, become a king!

The pvp part:

  • Pirate Battle Royal! An amazing battle in the sky! 2 ships, 4vs4. Cannons fireballs and sticks! First freedom and the captain. Second the loot, third woman and the rum and at the end no mercy if they not immediately surrender!

  • Evolved kit-PvP, take your bow and your sword. Jump and sprint. Kill them all and get your killstreak!

Other great stuff that will kill your time:

  • 12 amazing parkour maps. Starting with the easy maps. You will be able never finish the IMPOSSIBRU maps. We also have alot of user created maps. You can create your own at any moment!

  • Mobarena, 6 free kits, unlimited waves of zombies and bosses.

  • Skyblock, just normal skyblock. Cool..

Our website: (register for 3000 coins)

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