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Claytonia RP Server


When there was nothing but the Spirits of the Land, five brothers found themselves strong at hand, they conquered those who roamed, and found themselves alone. With new power in their hands, they agreed to remake the world. Each brother was pleased with their new found powers, so they chose to form a new world. When they were done with the task, they chose to create life with everything they did, and they agreed and were satisfied until the last choice of their creation: The Race that would populate the land… there was much division among the brothers.

Arach wanted a race which he named “Human.” He described them as adventurers, smart witted, and resourceful, yet with a lust for land. Even still, they were well rounded for all tasks & easy to get along with.

Viridis wanted to make what he called an “Orc.” A Blood thirsty bunch with green skin, that cared for nothing but blood and destruction.

Varros wanted noble and strong beings made from the purest items of the world: Iron, gold, and diamond. They were stubborn and made from the mountain… he anointed them “Dwarves.”

Arbor wanted similar goals as Varros, but loved the beauty of the trees, not the rocks. He wanted beings of pride and upper nature. Thus the “Elf” came into being.

Lutum loved the dark, and wanted a creature of the shadows… sneaky and cunning, made of the bare essence of the world such as clay and soil. He called them “Golems.”

Because of their disagreement, the brothers began to fight. Arach chose no side but was the first to make his race how he saw fit. Viridis, full of hate, was the second to build his race putting in them his vengeful nature. Varros and Arbor tried to find common ground but in the end they found a new hate for one another, and they each made their own race. From the beginning Lutum had no intention of finding common ground, so he also made his race.

Because of the deity's division, each race was blessed with a small aspect of what they where talented with. If only the brothers had built the race of the world together, maybe then all aspects of the world would have been theirs.

Now is born the Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, and Golem…

Which will you be?

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