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1.5.2 [ToxicPvp] Factions - Raiding - Pvp - Mcmmo


The object of ToxicPvp is to run the Pvp area and be the richest faction! Players will go through many tasks and difficult raids/fights to get the claim to fame as being best on the server. You may do whatever it takes to get this which includes betraying, Vanilla glitching, Item scamming, or talking smack! are server supports tons of wonderful plugins too! some of the plugins that we have

MCMMO - with this plugin you can level up awesome skills to use throughout the server to help you become A great player on are server!
Factions - this plugin gives you the ability to create groups that you fight with and work with (maybe even betray) to rule the server!
Economy - The server supports the economy plugins we own greatly! We have tons of shops where you can buy everything you need from everyday food to ghast eggs!
GroupManager - with this plugin I was able to create a bunch of groups for players and donators when you donate you will be moved to A specific group where you get awesome commands like /spa and more!
Nicknames When you donate $35 dollars or more you have the ability to have any nickname you would like! You can color it and change it as many times as you could ever imagine!
Pvptimer/Pvplogger - we have these two plugins to stop those annoying players who do those hit and run attacks! With pvp logger they cannot do this anymore! Pvptimer allows new players a break from getting killed.
Anticheat - Everyone hates the cheaters on servers don't they? So do we so we have a plugin which stop those pesky hackers from doing wrong to are server and will have to suffer consquences for even attempting!
Worldborder - don't you hate those laggy servers? We all do! With this plugin we were able to add a border to the worlds! The border for the world is 10k blocks!
Staff - This isn't a plugin but this is even better! We have staff members that are always very friendly and wanting to help you 24/7! If you have any questions for one you can at anytime ask!
Connect with:!

Plugins installed on server: MCMMO, Factions, Essentials, worldguard, economy shops, pvplogger, pvptimer groupmanager

Server IP Address - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

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