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Welcome to the voting website of The Design Architects! The Design Architects is a creative server that is looking for new type of design in all kinda building styles and realistic cities. There are two different types of worlds on the server. The first one is the plotworld that where you begin your adventure on The Design Architects, the other is a free-build type of world. You will start off as a Tourist, Which will allow you to only build in the plotworld, once you claim a plot with /plotme auto, you can start building in your plot. Once your finish with your plot, just do /plotme done. These will send a staff a message for they can check out your plot. If your plot is good enought they will receive a promotion. Now receiveing promotion isn't as easy as you think. Most player build un-reaslistic builds, as square boxes made out of stupid blocks like sponge and obsidian. Which is what we do not accept for a promotion. The Design Architects, Staff are looking for realistic builds with new type styles. These type builds will get you a promoted as Builder on The Design Architects, you can easily obtain perks without a promotion by purchasing a rank, they vary from $10 or $5. Depending on your current rank. Donating to the server will help keep the server running and will help with any needed upgrades. We welcome anybody to the The Design Architects!

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