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Splash SMP

Splash SMP


--- About us --- Splash SMP is a 24/7 Survival-PvP free-build server that started up on December 23rd, 2013, along with its own website, forums, TeamSpeak, friendly and experienced staff and players, and more. We have a friendly community, hand-made builds(No WorldEdit.), a stable economy, pandemics that can spread, Clans, and much more. Whether you choose to start a clan and build a massive town or city, or attack your foes in a PvP match, Splash SMP has something for anyone to enjoy.
--- What to do --- On Splash SMP, when you first join, all you have to do it read the "/rules" and afterwards, you are free to build as you like. We have many SpawnPlots that you may build on, or you can go to the wilderness with the command "/wild" which will teleport you to a random place in the wild. In the wilderness, you are vulnerable to PvP, hostile mobs, Raids from other players, and more. You also have the choice whether to start or join a clan, where you can create massive or small towns. You can even start wars with other clans, or you can ally with other clans-the choice is yours. On a side note, Griefing and Raiding are allowed in the wilderness, but you can easily protect certain areas where only you and your clan can build. This server is very related to a Towny server, due to the kinds of plugins running and how they are integrated. ALSO. The server runs on daily votes. Please help us keep the server running by voting on all or as many of the websites as you can. Interested in the server yet? Please read the information below.
--- Server Specs --- The server is located in Beauharnois, Canada. It runs on 3.6 GB RAM, includes powerful processors to ensure zero server-side crashes, and has DDOS Protection.
--- Plugins Installed --- RoyalCommands, SDFEconomy, NoCheatPlus, PreciousStones, SimpleClans, Pandemic, RandomLocation, SignShop, EchoPet, CraftBay, Skillz, HeroBounty, DolphinSpleef, and more.

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