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Welcome to the Hydraplex Network! We believe in a fun, fair, and balanced gameplay experience for our users. Our network is based around many fun and uniquely awesome server concepts. Our staff have worked hard to build and customize structures and hubs for our servers.

We currently have the following servers online and ready to go:


Our newest server Skyblock will challenge you to live and expand on a floating island with very few resources. We provide co-op so you can share your island with friends and also a ranking system which gives you more items and commands as you rank up, such as player shops, /feed and /fly. Players can also complete challenges for items. Do you have what it takes to build your own empire?



Our newest server is in beta. You are a drug lord, you make drugs and sell them to move up in the ranks. However, beware of the Cops! If they catch you with drugs in your inventory, they will take the drugs and put you in Jail. You need to be quick and try to out smart the Cops. Ranking up gives you better places to sell your drugs.



The Town server has had hours of planning and building put into the configuration of a magnificent spawn, a unique economy, and the best staff around. The Town server has been created to give the player a more unique and challenging Minecraft experience. Here you will not only be ranking up, but you will need to test your skills at selling land, handling players, building, and becoming a real estate tycoon.



Our custom desert survival is one of our more unique concepts. We have generated and built this server to change everything you know about Minecraft. With sand as the most common resource and massively increased ore spawns, how will you change your playing style to match? Only time can tell!



Our PvP server is one based around action-packed player-versus-player combat. With customized PvP arenas scattered around the map with many different themes to them, and awesome customized items, you'll be sure to never tire of the constantly evolving PvP action. We've added a map with hard core mobs that drop money when killed!



We constantly have new server ideas flowing in from the community forums. We plan on adding more and more fun and unique servers to our network as time flies by.



Our website consists a well-done and organized forum page where members are allowed to post thoughts, ideas and suggestions to make the server better community. Once again, we believe in a fun, fair, and balanced gameplay experience for our users, and the forums help the servers carry that experience beyond the gameplay.

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