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CloudPVP - A Brand New Way Of Factions:

Tired of searching aimlessly around for bases in faction servers and finding only inactive bases. Where is the thrill in that?! Well now we have come up with a way to fix that issue.
CloudPVP is designed for active bases and close fighting. How do we pull it off? Well, we took out the idea of hidding around in the world and being 1000 blocks away. We made it so you can only be 30 blocks away from your neighbor. Their cloud, is right next door! Have your friends join your faction and build on your cloud. Get together and attack other clouds. They aren't far away.
There is zero enviornment. Want ores/resources? The shop and /mine are the best and only way after you have cleared your cloud of its resources. Build your base and a way across to your neighbors cloud and ruin their day!
Lose your cloud? Create another one at the next available location. Get resources and ores again and get back into the fight! Get your power higher and claim more and more clouds!
Each claim must be connected, so more players allows you the ability to claim more and more clouds. Obsidian bases annoying? Well with obsidian destroyer, you can break obsidian with 10 peieces of TNT.
Our economy focuses on hard work and a money making base to get rich. But with that, comes the worry of more people targetting your cloud. Want to blow up and grief? TNT cannons allow you to shoot from your cloud and hit enemy clouds to do some serious damage.

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