This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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United PVP



Hello, is anyone ever looking for a hardcore PVP server with custom plugins? Well, you're in luck!
Our server Provides and supports custom plugins, we hope to make you very satisfied on our server with all of our custom features. Our goal is to make everone happy on the server and increase thier skill in PvP.


KILL RANKS: After every x amount of kils, you will rank up, when you rank up you will recieve a RankUp Crate key, and a kit for the KillRank you are.

VOTING: Voting for the server helps the server grow, it also benefits you tons! You can get armor, enchants, Vote Crate key, golden/god apples, and money!

FORUMS: We have a custom forums where you can talk about whatever, bugs, apply for staff, suggestions for the server and much more!

POWERUPS: When you kill someone, theres a %60 percent chance a power-up will spawn, like Healing, regeneration, super speed, rabbiy jump and much more!

KILLSTREAKS: When you reach a certian amount of kills you get tons of money!

HEADSELL: When you kill a player, you recieve their head, then at spawn you can click the sign that says "SellHead" and you can get money!

DONATIONS: We have donations, you buy ranks, rank upgrades unbans, unmutes and much more! All money goes towards the server!

DUELS: Duels is a custom 1v1 feature that we have, like queues.

SHOPS: We support shops, you can many thing from there that benefit you!

KITS: We support over 28 kits!


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