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MCAssassins PvP Factions Survival SMP Server

MCAssassins PvP Factions Survival SMP Server


MCAssassins SMP PvP [Factions] & Survival
Looking for a server? Your current one boring you? Well, we have just the thing for you! MCA (MCassassins) Is a Premium Hosted server with 50+ Plugins and many many helpful staff members! Here at MCA the server is always up and running, and there is always something to do. Some of our main plugins are: Factions, Disguise Craft, Mcmmo, Ranks, and PvP!MCA is a survival server where you can team up with friends or strangers! (Just be sure those strangers don't backstab you since MCA is also a PvP server.) The owners are Marine_mca & MC_JUNKIE and are almost always on and ready to help.

IP: 25565

When you first get on the server you get a starter kit, which includes armor, food and some tools to get you started, there is also protection for new players to help them get a good start without having to worry about other players killing you for a set time. Or instead of going out and traveling you can explore the HUGE spawn & warps! [by clicking [warp] signs at spawn]

Here is a quick tour of it on our rail system: We have a plugin called loyalty points here at MCA, for every 20 min you play you get 1 loyalty point. If you get 300 lps you get a free donor rank! If you would like to donate more to help the server grow you can get the top buyable [Jr. Mod.] rank for only $85.

IP: 25565

The server has been around for about two years, and is hacker free. The map is Awesome! You can almost always find a base to raid if you look hard enough! There are many creations on the server by either staff or marine himself, here is one of them: There are designated PvP zones and arenas, there is free-for-all and teams, or you can go out and fight monsters at night to get your mcmmo skills up!

There are shops in spawn to buy things with the money you got from either selling things, /auction or gambling on the many slots machines around the server, or killing people. We have a wide variety of things to buy. Once you get started on the server you can go out and explore for more. You can start up a faction and take over the server with friends! You can even start a very large faction and rule over everyone one and crush all of them! We also have the lockette plugin [for Donators] so you can protect from raiders!

For our faction plugin you can claim land as long as you have enough power, we don't charge in game money to claim land and don't have faction banks. You can vote for 9 diamonds very day and either sell them, make tools out of them, or make armor out of them to rule the PvP world! We have multiple PvP maps that are available and easy to access through the server warps. We have different warps to different places on the map and different creations in the map, there are over 20 different creations! I hope you have a fun filled, action packed and great time on the server!

IP: 25565

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