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Cute little build of the server mascot, Ruqqie, on an island :)
Mushroom House

Mushroom House



Nice view of Winterside, one of the first player made community build areas
Slime Island

Slime Island

Mountainside Castle

Mountainside Castle

Who are we?

We are a vibrant community that is invested in building and adventuring. We code custom plugins to enhance the base vanilla experience and also host regular server wide events and build competitions. There's always something to do on Ruqquscraft whether you want to build a massive survival town with friends or compete in custom tournaments to see who comes out on top!

What do we believe?

We believe in sticking close to the core vanilla gameplay and also playing legitimately. We also believe that your builds should be secure and that they should last. Because of this we have nightly server backups, grief prevention mechanisms to ensure your build's safety and the ability to rollback damage should any large scale griefing occur.

Join us now.

On Ruqquscraft you can play however you please. Master the core game, share your builds with us, collaborate with friends on massive projects, compete in regular build competitions and custom tournaments with friends! See who is online and your builds at any time through our dynamic map!


  • Claim your own area for building, share with friends or live solo, it's up to you!
  • Earn more resources for claiming land just by playing on the server
  • See the world develop in real time with the Dynamic Map
  • Unlock custom nickname colors by meeting objectives
  • Powerful anti-cheat that can tell the difference between lag and actual hacking
  • Item trading shops for trading your goods with others
  • Regularly hosted events, custom tournaments and build contests
  • Items saved to a lootable gravestone upon death, you have to return to it though!
  • No map resets, your builds are here to stay
  • Communicate with people online anytime with DiscordSRV


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