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What is kingdoms ?

Kingdoms is similar to the popular Factions, but with many changes to the gameplay. It allows a player to create his/her own Kingdom, protect land with the kingdom, and invade other's land for resources (and for fun). Players can also trade in items for resourcepoints, to buy upgrades, turrets and boosts from their Kingdom's nexus block.

Some features include

Leveling system! Higher the level, harder to level-up! Kill mobs to get xp
Mobs can now do at least 1 damage, even to high-leveled players
Stats! Each time you level up, get stat points to upgrade Strength, Defense, Dexterity and Intelligence!
Souls! Can lose souls upon death!
8 different skill types! Each with unique abilities and weaknesses!
Saves experience, levels and even skill types and skill improves, so you can change the stats of each player easily.
Interactive GUI for each skill type to improve their deadly skills!
Full control of xp gain from mob spawners!
Masteries for different purposes!
Give bonus xp for mobs with custom names! (Good for RPG servers with custom mobs)
Party system for players to gain more xp and souls together!
Temporary xp and soul boosters

Create a mob army that you command

A good kingdom server raid others minimum bugs good players and supportive players
Posted 6th Jul 2016