This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Mcxfactions is a Faction PvP survival server. This means that you can create your own factions, claim land and fight against other factions.But we do not only have Faction PvP, we do have other fun games such as HungerGames, Minigames and parkour.

Stay safe in wilderness because people will kill you, rob you and stalk you.
So, always watch your back.

We do not tolerate whining and complaining from anyone. If you have a issue/problem please report it using the petition system or use our forum at

If a staff member saying that you don't have enough with proof or that he/she says that there is nothing to do, then just listen and don't cry or start argue.

Sometimes can plugins at the server start bugs that come and go throughout the updates with the server. If you using any kind of exploit/bug without telling a staff member, so may you risk to be banned from Mcxfactions.

You are not permitted to use mods and client side hacks that give you a large advantage over other players.

This includes speedhacking, flying, xray in any form, nuking, alias, and more. If you are found to be using one of these hack/mod so will you be banned, and we may block so you can't use the unban token in the donate shop.

Do not risk it if you enjoy playing here at Mcxfactions.

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