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FreedomCraft [1.8.8 Survival]


FreedomCraft is a survival server with a focus on pvp and an enhanced survival experience. Founded in 2013, we have a well-designed spawn that allows people to get to the pvp area quickly, and a kitpvp arena where you can sharpen your skills. Our plugins are designed to elevate gameplay, while keeping it balanced. The map has no borders so you can travel as far as you want to ensure that your base is safe from being raided. At 8 PM EST every day theres a mine refill, allowing players to obtain diamonds, emeralds, iron and other minerals from the public mine at spawn.

Major Features:

• Raiding
• Griefing
• Clans
• Economy
• No borders
• 3 Sethomes and TPA

Public Facilities:

• KitPVP Arena
• PVP Arenas
• Mob Arena
• Shop
• Grinder
• Enchantment Tables
• Enderchests
• Public Anvils
• Mine
• Parkour
• Jail
• Nether Portal
• End Portal

Voting Rewards:

•Protection 2 Helmet
•Protection 2 Chestplate
•Protection 2 Leggings
•Protection 2 Boots
•Sharpness 3 Diamond Sword
•1 Swiftness Potion
•1 Fire Resistance Potion
•4 Golden Apples
•4 Diamond Blocks
•1 Gold Block
•2 Chisled Stone Bricks
•1 Horse Egg
•$1500 Money
•30XP Levels


• Mine refill at 8 PM EST every day
• Aggressive boss challenges
• Random drop parties

For ban appeals, message the servers PMC page with reasons why you should be unbanned.

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