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Hardcore Darwinism (Free unrestricted pvp server)


The Server for the application of Hardcore Darwinism

This is a server tweaked for maximum difficulty on all levels. If the players don't fuck you up then the mobs will or you will just plain starve in your hole at night because going out at night is suicide (yes starvation kills here too, everything is deadly here)

But you have to go out anyway to not starve so pick your poison. Everything goes here. Its survival of the fittest that counts. PVE/PVP/PVWhatever you name it. Kill or be killed. The strong will command and the weak will be devoured.

The spawn point gets moved every now and then as the old area is gradually destroyed by players and creepers Admins may or may not be around but they will most likely never help you with anything. At best they may add to your torment for being weak as you beg for assistance in this cruel, harsh, god forsaken cube wasteland. This is a server to counter all those sissy servers with things like build rights and anti-greif features. We have anti greif features too. Its called the range of your sword. What you defend you own. What you claim you rule and what you kill you keep. Your right to build at any given location depends entirely on you and your possible allies/Slaves ability to kill anyone who comes near it. Crush, kill, destroy, Pillage, loot, plunder and murder.

Don't offer to donate money to the server. This isn't some pussy server that needs your 5 cents to get by like some welfare case.

The server forum can be found here:

The server supports the use of these commands:



The server has 3 rules.

Don't Cheat

Don't Hack

Don't piss off Naturam

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