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| -= [Paradise Factions] =- | PVP, Auctions, DDoS-


There are over 150,000 Minecraft servers running at this present moment. However, we are not part of the bland 90% of those servers. No, we are the 1%. The highest class and quality is of the highest priority at ParadiseFactions. While Factions servers are for PvP and a rush for faction power, we know our players want more. We make sure to give more.


  • Essentials >> Everything. That's the only way to describe this plugin. From teleportation to messaging, Essentials has it all.
  • Factions >> Create a faction, or join someone elses. All that matters is getting that power up!
  • AntiCheat & NoCheatPlus >> We know most 'professionals' say combining Anticheat plugins can bring no good, but we say HUMBUG to them all! We value nothing more than booting those hackers from all existance.
  • CombatLog >> Every second counts in PvP, of course that means nothing if they ditch you mid-battle. We insure your wins with PvP Log protection.
  • floAuction >> Its like eBay in Minecraft! It also ensures your sales are final and helps prevent scamming.
  • PlayerHeads >> We know how much you want to show off how you killed the highest donor or the top PvP'er.
  • McMMO >> Have you ever wanted a wooden sword that was as powerful as a diamond sword? Yeah, we don't think that's possible either. But McMMO does some cool stuff, too.
  • Votifier >> We know you want free stuff. But since life sucks and not everything is free, your votes not only help the server, but get you some random free stuff.
  • ObsidianDestroyer >> Indestructable faction bases? We don't think so. Go TNT that obby base!


Server IP: /
Server Website: /
Donate: /


Skype: skype:p3n.t3st / skype:paradiseservers [Contact to apply for staff, make an offer, or for a friendly chat]
Tags: Paradise, Minecraft, Pvp, Server, Factions, Faction PVP
Credit: Xerrox, p3nt3st, ArcLP

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