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Diplocraft is a fantasy civilization simulation server focused on diplomacy, long term strategy, city and government building, trade, a resource based economy, politics, and war. The Admin team has found, as well as developed, plugins to facilitate group building, city defence building, and trade. You can exert your influence to shape society or tear it apart; or follow others as they do so!

Server Overview:

Politics, economy and social pressures are as real as the you make them.

Non-Player Admins (Admins do not play)

Player Based Dev Team and Coders

Friendly and Helpful Community

Random Spawn: Set your bed early on!

Localized chat: Set to 1000 block radius

Custom vanilla like ore distribution with built in mineral scarcity.

1:1 Over-world to Nether Travel Ratio.

Reinforceable Blocks, making them harder to break.

Large and growing custom map.

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