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Staff Applications:
▶ We are currently recruiting staff members.

▶ We are CastleNetwork! A friendly network that loves rpg and medieval style. Our network currently offers 2 servers, TownyAdventures and NecromancyForest. Each one has it's on traits, Towny has races like vampires & werewolves, spells, custom biomes & nether, as well as leveling system with skill points. Fun PvP and PvE. Necro by the other way has a really awesome rpg experience, vampires & witches roam the world and there is the Dark One, theres only one, a powerful player that only the elite of the elite can challenge!

▶ As a server we have every plugin updated to the latest version. Our Staff team is really friendly and we always care about our players. Also we never use the donation's money for personal use. We will always be using them to improve the server as in the future we'll make more servers with your help :)

▶ For more gameplay info you can go to our wiki in our website.

▶ Minecraft Version: 1.11.2

General Rules:
● Be Respectful!
● Be ethical!
● No Griefing!
● Raiding is allowed if the chest wasn't claimed!

Language/Chat Rules:
● Do not Spam!
● Use Common Sense!
● Do not use Caps-Lock button a lot!
● Do not request OP or Staff Ranks!
● Do not use extensive Swearing!
● No Racism!
● Do not Advertise! (Punishment: Permanent Ban)
● Do not talk about other Servers!
● No Disrespect to Players or Staff Members!
● Please use English language.

PvP Rules:
● Do not camp to get kills and boost your killstreak!

Premium Rank Rules:
● Do not abuse your perks!
● Do not use Flying in PvP!
● Do not use God Mode in PvP!
● Do not use more than 3 Mob Spawners in time! You can place the Spawners but remove them once you are done.
● You are allowed to sell spawners to anyone.
● Do not share your premium kits with anyone.

Hacking Rules:
● Do not use minimap mods (Minimaps that are not showing players, mobs and etc are allowed)!
● Do not use hacked clients!
● Any type of modding is not allowed!
● Optifine is allowed!

Building Rules:
● Do not build near Administrative buildings!
● Do not build offensive buildings!
● If you are going to build something where everyone will see it, please build something nice and not dirt towers or just a square of dirt!

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