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Owner: jonny72652
Co-Owner: Nike_Phenom
Head-Admin: Formacal
Manager: BIGmamaJUJUU
Admin: AssAssin_Bid
Admin: Savgeleche

Hosted By BeastNodes


We Have Ran for a Month Now and are Starting to Get Players on. We are a Small Server Now But are Hoping to Start Getting much More Players. Average During the Day we Run about 10-15 Players and hoping to Bump that Server up to 30-40. Since We have only been up for a month we do not have Tons of Players like many other Servers. We are hoping to change that within the next Month to Two Months and be running much more players.

Vote & Diamond Us

  1. Every Vote Gets 4 Diamonds and $1250 In-Game Currency
  2. Votes Help Bring More Players to The Server Which would Raise our Player Ratio
  3. Recruit your Friends to Try and Become the Top Faction


Head-Admin: Priority is to Watch over the Admins and Moderators to ensure no possible abusing. the Head-Admin is highest in command on the admin Chain and can help with groups and they can help you with donation resources.

Manager: Priority is to look over staff applications and advertise the server. The manager is the first person to look over a staff application and if he thinks its good he passes it on to the owner. The Manager bears the same responsibilities as admin and is overseen by the Head-Admin. The manager is also Responsible for overseeing the advertisements on the server {youtuber, ect...).

Admin: Priority is to help anyone on the Server and watch for hackers. Admins must be able to notice hacked clients when they see it and know most of the commands in the Game. Admins have almost all abilities, but they can not promote you to groups they can not also help you with donation Resources. The Admins are overseen by the Head-admins. Admins can see Ban Appeals and unban.

Chief-Moderator: These are for players with potential of becoming Admin but would rather play legit. Priority is to watch for hackers and Over Look Moderators, Chief Moderators do not get any commands to help them in PvP or In-Game. they play legit, they just have a 1st hand experience in it all. They have ban, tempban, kick, and mute. these players can unban other players. when they ban a player they must submit a ban report under the staff forum with evidence.

Moderator: These players play legit and can raid. Priority is to Help all New Players on the Server and watch for Hackers. Moderators can ban, tempban, mute, and kick. They must also submit ban reports on the Staff forum when banning a player.

Trial-Mod: These players are trying out for the Moderator position. these are players that can not be trusted in-game. they still play legit all they have it mute, and kick. they can not ban, they must answer all questions asked and know a lot about the server, they must also welcome all new Players to the server.

Helper: These are players that just simply want to help around the server without being staff. they must answer all questions and welcome all new players. These players have 0 extra commands. Helpers have the ability to bypass the Trial-Mod Rank and go strait into the Moderator rank.
Apply at

Hero $10- /kit Diamond, /ignore, Join Full Server, 2 /sethome's Ability to Set PigZombie and Spider Spawners, /lok 3 Stops The Rain, 5 Faction Power Boost

Legion $25- /kit Legion, /hat, Afk Kick Exempt, /ptime, Ability to Set Friendly Mobs and Blaze, 3 /sethome's, 10 Faction Power Boost, Access to Skylands, /wuld 3 Shoots you forward

Tribute $40- /kit Tribute, 0 Teleport Wait, /back, Color Chat, /kaan 3 Make mobs friendly for 90 Seconds, /hun 3 Spawns a friendly Mob, Ability to Set Creeper Spawners, 4 /sethomes, Access to The Nether Skylands

Demi-God $65- /kit Demi-God, /kit cannon, /fus 3 Shoots players forward, /echest {name} look in other players enderchest (can not take items), Ability to Set Mushroom Cow Spawners, access to the End Sky Lands

Server Main Plugins
World Border
Chest Shop
Fast Soup
Player Skulls
ect... Many More

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