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Factions PVP, Auctions, mcMMO, Shops, Arenas, more! Join DarkFirePVP today!
Id like to extend a big warm welcome to all those who have recently joined this lovely server. As is shown in our server name, our primary focus is PVP. The main world of the server is a fun, PVP Factions style server with raiding, griefing, shops, legendary weapons, FFA, PVP Events. We like to keep the community competitive and fun, while maintaining friendliness maturity. DarkFirePVP follows a strict punishment policy with regards to rule breaking, and spamming chat with whiny things such as HE KILLED ME! HE MUST BE A HAXOR! BAN HIM!, will not be tolerated. The use of client mods, besides Optifine, Reis Minimap, and NEI, is prohibited, and we encourage players to report any suspicious activity on the server or forums to staff immediately.

Some features of the server include -
Factions - Pretty essential to most PVP servers. Any rank can create or join a faction.
ObsidianDestroyer - Enables TNT to be capable of destroying obsidian
mcMMO - Adds an RPG-style leveling and class system to the game
HeadDrops - Get the heads of players that you kill!
Bounties - Dont like someone? Just want to troll a friend? Put a bounty on them!
Legendary Items - Get awesome gear with enchantments above the standard Minecraft limit! Legendary items are obtainable by purchasing for large sums of in game money at the server shop, or from certain donor ranks purchases
Free For All (FFA) - Right by spawn area, you can warp to it with warp ffa. Players use their own gear, so the stakes can be high if you lose. Great for getting in some PVP action without having to search far and wide for players to fight!
WorldBorder - Implemented to reduce lag and to reduce the time it takes to find enemy bases, DarkFirePVPs current starting world border is a 5k radius in the main world

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