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When you first join Lunar Travels, you will be on our Survival world. In this spawn area you will find information concerning your time here. It is highly recommended to read ALL signs at spawn as they will help explain some of the unique features.
While we offer Survival, the main focus point of Lunar Travels is the Skyblock world. We use the uSkyBlock plugin for the core of our Skyblock experience. Use /island to open a GUI which will allow you to access all the different features. What sets our server apart? Tired of seeing the same islands over and over? Same lame cobblestone generator repeated again? Here on Lunar Travels we use Stoner! Using a little bit of redstone, iron, and a piston, you can craft a Stoner! Place down your Stoner in your base, wait just a moment and a stone block will appear above it! That's right, a 100% efficient one block stone gen. But it doesn't stop there... as you mine the stone produced, there is a small chance that an ore will drop. You have a chance to get coal, iron, gold, diamond, emerald, redstone, and lapis! Wow! In addition to that, we have several shopkeepers just waiting to trade you all kinds of items at the spawn! Check out what they have, you might just be surprised.

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