This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The server is reasonably new but has been made with the experience of making previous servers. This means the server was ready very quickly and is fast and fun to play. However, there is many more improvements that can be made. You can help by giving us ideas or donating. We are also looking for moderators. The server should provide a fun but difficult experience which keeps you always looking around the environment to ensure you are not attacked.


These specs are only temporary. The server will be improved when it becomes necessary. This is to save money and to make sure the server can run for a long time. You can help by donating.

2G RAM I7 Processor 100GB HDD


Factions: PVP has never been more fun. You can now raid each others bases by decreasing their power and claiming their land.

PVP: The server is built around PVP. You can still build and have fun if you group up together in a faction. This makes a thrilling PVP experience which is sure to make your life on the server a ton more fun by adding an end game - WORLD DOMINATION.

Jobs + MCMMO: You can level up your job and your skills by playing the server frequently. This ensures people play often and also allows people to be competitive. Will you be the best miner? I guess we'll find out!


Respect the Admins!

Do not ask for staff!

If you find a bug or a glitch do not abuse it! (Highly Unlikely)

Don't complain if you are raided. This is part of the game. Just raid them back. If you feel they've broken your faction territory illegitimately then contact an admin. They can determine whether it was or not.

Banned Items

The server is rather lenient on banned items. This is to ensure PVP is more fun.

Nukes Arcane Bores Dynamite REP's Lasers Catalytic Lens Wrath Igniters Trackers Portal Mod

To find out why any of these items are banned or to discuss why you feel an item should be unbanned then contact an admin.

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