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Time4Events Charity Server

RPG Factions - Ember Alliance!

RPG Factions - Ember Alliance!

In RPG Factions, you specialize in a class with unique skills, and can join a special guild of factions: Ember Alliance or Silver Order!
Kit PvP - 40+ Kits!

Kit PvP - 40+ Kits!

Kit PvP II features 40 kits, and more coming all the time with unique abilities such as fire berthing or summoning an Iron Golem to fight for you!
RPG Factions - Cypheria!

RPG Factions - Cypheria!

The bustling ancient capitol city: Cypheria! Now acting as the spawnpoint for new players after the original RPG Factions world... well, you'll have to discover and read the lore!
RPG Factions - Sky Islands Map!

RPG Factions - Sky Islands Map!

The RPG Factions map is set in a sky islands map, fly between them with your Elytra and create/raid factions!
RPG Factions - Dungeons!

RPG Factions - Dungeons!

Dungeons - an epic PVE experience! Fight past mobs with special abilities to get to and defeat the evil Boss Mob for some amazing rewards!

Vote Rewards:

10 Currency for the server youre currently online on
2 Diamonds have a different use of every server
1 Vote Key for the vote crate for the server youre currently online on

Server Adress:

Our website:

About us:

Time4Events is a Minecraft server dedicated to providing the best experience possible for it's players, and to raise funds though donations which will give access to in-game perks (Complies with Mojang's EULA) to adress global issues by dividing all money raised by the end of each month into two equal groups, which will then be sent to two organizations previously decided on by players through voting after a list of suggestions of organizations that could donated to is approved and assembled by players and our dedicated staff members.

-- Basically, we want to raise money for charities while having fun on the Time4Events server!

-- Time4Events is a hub server, with 4 original games we have developed, RPG Factions, Mega Morphs, and Kit PvP (1 & 2)

-- RPG Factions is a fantasy themed game where players explore the mystical floating islands and establish their own land claim where they can build their home/base. There is a lot more to the game, too. You can attack other factions, choose and upgrade your class and it's skills, start your own shops to sell items, challenge dungeons and fight boss mobs for some epic loot, take quests for NPCs to be rewarded for doing their tasks, and unlock mysterious magical spells!

-- Mega Morphs is a mostly a PvP game where players can choose from a roster of monsters to literally morph into! Seriously, every player on the server will see you as a Mob! Once morphed, you gain the powers of that Mob. For example, a player morphed in a chicken can jump super high and shoot eggs! Or a player morphed as a blaze could shoot fireballs! You can upgrade your morphs as well at the shop, you automatically gain in-game money from killing other monsters and players, or doing quests! You can unlock new morphs in temples, but you will have to fight your way past monsters to unlock their

-- Kit PvP 2 is the second version of our Kit PvP game, we decided to keep the old for people who preferred the old battle style. This new kit pvp features 40+ Kits to choose from and unlock with unique abilities! Of course, it still has some fun quests and also a PVE challenge!

-- Kit PvP is our own spin on this classic PvP game. We have two separate maps available along with 8 free kits available to everyone! Quests are also available which award currency which can be used to purchase in-game cosmetics and crate keys which unlock items like music discs which can be played in the Kit PvP lobby!

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