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The Typhoon



There are hundreds and thousands of Factions servers currently on the Internet, all with the same bland game in mind. Every other Factions server has details that make the game boring, too challenging, or outright lame. From unfriendly staff to professional trollers running wild on most large networks causing mass amounts of damage and frustration, its time for a change.

Welcome to The Typhoon: an all-new Factions server - with character!

We are a server that loves to have fun, engage our players, make friends, get better, and more. We are always looking for excellent Staff members and love taking players suggestions. The Typhoon is stuffed to the max with customized plugins, beautiful scenery and maps, and friendly hand-picked staff members. We dont strive for quotas, donations, or player count. Rather, we strive for quality, and you can see it on our server. Plus, we like to keep things as original as possible, so weve modified some of Factions code to better suit our needs.

Join today and see just how fun Factions can be!

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