This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DreamCraft-MCE Creative Server!


Hello and welcome to MCE’s creative server! Here, we offer a wide array of enhancements to provide a better play experience to make sure we’re more unique, more fun, and more open then any other creative server out there!

  • Like pvp? Create an arena, do /gm 0 to change your gamemode to survival and battle your friends with what ever items you choose, in any environment you want, when ever you want!
  • Like protection? Use plotme to claim a plot, anywhere from 10x10 chunks, to 50x50 chunks!(That’s almost 164 million blocks of space!)
  • Like talking to your friends? Use hero chat to easly leave/join channels, and speak with your friends and the servers community!
  • We have build ranks and premiums, if youd like to set your self higher then others, or increase the number and size of the plots you wish to build in, and even acquire elite building plugins such as world edit, and voxel sniper!

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