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Welcome to Supercraft

Voting Info -
Hey bro, I heard you like our server... Wanna help us out? Press the button down there. It may not seem much of a difference to you, but it means a lot to us. So please vote for us today, or go to our website.

Easy Donation -
On our server, we use an easy donation system. It's fully automatic! If you want to donate, you don't have to wait until an Admin or Op logs on. You can Donate here!

PvP -
The only rules in it is no combat logging and no hacking. Other than those minor restrictions you can do anything!

Special Survivals -
When You first log into Supercraft, you spawn with a "Jetpack." This jetpack allows you fly in 2 Worlds: Techno Survival and Spawn. Techno Survival is one of our 'Special Survivals' which Includes Machines ranging from Quarries to Planters. In case you don't know what a Quarry is, it's a mining machine which will auto-mine for you when placed. Planters' recipe is located in the crafting book which you can get at spawn!

Our server is still in a 'update process' since we switched worlds a week ago. This means it might take us a while to get everything done!
Thank you for reading this server desc. We hope you have a blast on our server!

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