This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[1.7] The Cryptic Factions [PvP]


Hello There!

The IP to the server is

I am Lammazz, the owner of The Cryptic Factions and I also code stuff for the server. Most of the server was made by myself, but got a lot of input from a few friends and they helped me make the server fun.

Current Staff Are:
OWNER - Lammazz
ADMIN - Ravillious
MOD - Assassin21198

CombatLog - Stop them pesky combat loggers from running like a poop...
Buycraft - Easily and safely donate to the server to keep it running.
DisguiseCraft - Turn into your favourite mobs! (Donator Only)
Factions - Do I need to explain?
Horses - Improved horses, buy your own horses and summon them when you need!
Lockpick-n-Rent - Bust into other people's containers and doors with lockpicks. But be careful, it HURTS!
LWC - Lock your containers and doors to keep your items safe!
Health Bar - Nifty health bar above mobs' and players' heads.
NoCheatPlus - Prevent those idiots from hacking and ruining the server for other people.
ObsidianDestroyer - Blow up obsidain so bases can't be (too) OP.
SilkSpawners - Pick up spawners with silk touch tools and change them with buyable spawn eggs.
Trade - Safely trade with other players with items and the economy.
WorldBorder - Prevent bases unrealistic distances out from spawn.
Votifier - Vote for great in-game rewards each day!

Thanks for reading and a lot more will be added to this in the near future!

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