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Server ip:
The server you've been looking for. No lag, anti-grief, PVE, no PVP, survival dedicated server.
About us - We are a small, friendly community which provides you the best Minecraft survival experience. We are currently looking for mature staff.
"Praise for minelodge"
"Beautiful spawn, lovely view and one heck of an enjoyable minecraft experience"
“If you want a simple server with a nice community to play with one or two friends, this server is for you"
"I've never seen any owner of any server so friendly, that spends his time helping us to build a house, that's what howwarrior did"

We are a whitelisted/ no-whitelist server. What does that mean? When our server is full and if we are not-whitelisted, we will whitelist the server so as to let in those who have applied and whitelisted on the server as an advantage, so apply below to get the full minelodge experience. Reason? Because we are only accepting mature and dedicated players, so as to keep a small and great community.
If you cannot connect using the domain name, use this ip:

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