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The IV Age


This is a Factions PVP server with a bunch of great plugins to make your experienced one of the best out there. mcMMO, UltiMarket (fluctuating prices depending on supply and demand), DynMap, and some special Lore and Role playing elements to make this server one of a kind.


The Third Age has ended with the destruction of the ancient King Grimeon. Under his rule the land, while in tension, was kept at peace through the sheer pressure of his authority. With his fall the territories, united only under his menacing gaze, are starting to fall back into chaos, and preparing to wage war across the land. Each state wants to gain control and take the place of the previous King, gaining power, land, and riches. The King hasn't been gong long but already the states are forming alliances in attempts to better their odds of reaching total conquest. With the tides of war, many new warriors are coming from far lands to lend their services, in hopes to gain fame and wealth. Will you choose to fight in this era of chaos? Join today, choose your alliance, and starting fighting for total victory.

In the old days the King was more active. Frequently he would roam the land enforcing his laws and spreading evil in his wake. The elders were the only ones who remembered the era before the King and everyone else had come to accept things would never change. The land was in ruins. Plagues ran ramped and there was famine and strife. There were those who would rise up and challenge the King only to be made an example of to the rest of the people. He was a strong and merciless king, showing no respect for his people. Some said that his strength was inhuman and must come from an outside force. Rumors grew of a stone the King had that gave him power and vast knowledge. People became desperate and those who lived felt as though there was no point in their existence. The days dragged on and turned into years, and eventually the King was seen less and less. His raids became shorter, less frequent, and ever closer to his castle. Finally he was seen no more and the people started to prosper and grow out of the decades of violence and poverty. There was still a dark evil cloud looming over the mountain his castle stood on, but it grew less black.

One day there was a huge eruption of fire and lava above the mountain where the King lived that could be seen for a hundred leagues in every direction. There after a loud horn blast echoed through the lands and a beating started as if the mountain itself was being pounded to dust. Then a beam, whiter than the sun shot upwards clearing away the fire, smoke, and clouds. It shimmered for a second and then shot into a dozen different directions, fading away leaving all who saw it astounded. The black clouds slowly faded into nothingness and the elderly were reminded of happier times. The rumor of the event grew. People said the King had died, or had been defeated, but no one knew what the light could have been. Then people started remembering the old tales about the King's magic stone and started wondering if it had anything to do with the light. With the King gone there was no ruler and the people started claiming themselves as such. The old territories were remembered and want more land for their own kind. Fighting started breaking out and new strong leaders have entered the field. The battle have grown heated with no one backing down and the land is in a deadlock. It seems it will stay this way until one great warrior can come and unite the territories again.

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