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Well Hello there fellow Minecrafters!

I bring you here a very friendly community...

First off you'll want to know the basics... Right?
Ok so,
We have 2 servers at the moment and working on more, So we have this one which is a PvP, Grief and Raid server where in you can raid all you want, and a skyblock server as well!

We have mcMMO and Factions which will make your server experience AMAZING.

So on to Staff, Heres a list of all staff members:

Owner: xXCom3tXx
Co-Owner: MrWaffleFries
Head-Staff: Roundtehworld
Admin: LaxativeDan
Admin: master77033
Head-Mod: TruthhOrrDaree

Now, When you join we will welcome you with open arms, but one thing we DO NOT tolerate is disrespect, We dont like someone coming on and advertising, asking for ranks or items. Thats no fun!

Now for the rules, Im not here to bore you with these boring old rules, No one likes them, so lets cut them short shall we. Here's a summarized list:

-DO NOT correct Staff
-Respect ALL players
-Cursing is allowed, but please, keep it to a minimum
-PvP, Raid and Griefing is allowed!
-Staff's Word is final, especially the owner and Co-Owner's word!

And that is most probably it, Hope to see you in game!

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