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Actium craft is a Faction and rpg server! We also have McMMO for you to level your skills! You will start off in a major city which for now is largely unfinished... Which we plan on having done by the end of the month. So for now you are limited to only the Market District. However feel free to leave the city and build your own kingdoms! We decided to open up Actium earlier than the spawn was finished to give players an opportunity to start building before we are finished.

We are using peaceful factions for players to create towns and manage there members, There will be no raiding of other towns or cities. So basically factions purpose is for people to designate who is a builder/resident in their city.

Also we use Gold as our currency so all sign shops are completely integrated with the physical gold and when you use essentials trade commands, it will actually take the gold out of your inventory and trade it to the other player!

EX: 1 Nugget = 1 Gold
1 Ingot = 9 Gold
1 Gold Block = 81 Gold
(9 nuggets makes an ingot and 9 ingots makes a block for those who don't know)

We also have PvP enabled in the wild but town griefing is off (PvP is temporarily off), and all of your builds are safe, one of our biggest rules is No Griefing and we stand strong to protect your builds!

You can also visit our Live Map at

If you would like to apply for a staff position (If any are available) make a post on our forums in the appropriate thread.

Spawn Details
Market District- 75% complete
Housing District- 10% Complete
Castle- 0% Complete
Cathedral District- 25% Complete
Shipping/Slums District- 10% Complete
City Walls and Base- 99% Complete

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