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Flipbang's Semi-Vanilla Survival is a place where you can play survival with friends, use the in-game economy to your advantage, and be part of a wholesome community.

Griefprevention allows land claims to get rid of the threat of griefing, and commands such as "/pvp on" and "/pvp off" allow players to control their pvp status.

We use the dragoneggs plugin which allows players to craft dragon eggs and spawn dragons in the End with them. Only one Ender Dragon is allowed in The End at a time, so it can't be spammed.

Enjoy other plugins such as pogostick and heads! Pogostick allows the player to create a pogostick with two sticks and a slimeball. Heads allows players to drop their heads upon death, rewarding victories in PVP combat. Also, mob heads can be collected.

We look forward to seeing you here!

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